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Dating Advice for Casual Sex in Los Angeles

It can be pretty hard for all the beautiful and sexy people in Los Angeles to get some casual sexual encounter in Hollywood city. However, if you look or are present at some places or platforms, you are guaranteed to enjoy great sex while in the poster city for California. So, to help you, we offer some offline and online dating advice together with a list of some great hookup spots and sites for you to get laid soon.
The Women of L.AThe women in La are breathtaking and come from different walks of life, including three main cultures white, African-American, and Latina girls. To an extent, the girls are shaped by the culture and lifestyle of this city. With Hollywood and celebrity culture one of the most celebrated in our country, you can expect face beat, fashionable, edgy, independent, curvy, and toned women in L.A.
A man and a woman from Los Angeles in a random sex encounter.
That is not to say that the land is short on plus-size women, not at all; here, plus-size women are all confident about their bodies and ready to let appreciative men their way. Apart from beauty, a girl's attitude is another element to consider when seeking sex. There are inviting and friendly women in L.A.; however, it's better to fish for the women at socially accepted spots due to their busy lives.

It is also best to be prepared for a snub. In which case, always remember there are a million other opportunities to get laid in L.A., so be a man and take NO! for an answer.

Best HookUp Places in L.A

Apart from trying online platforms, some spots have a knack for floating with singles who in the back of their mind are out to search for a casual partner. Primarily, bars and night events are a great place to start when looking for a night of one-time sex. Here are some 10 great bars or nightlife hotspots to throw your casual dating shot, and expect a win.

  • Avalon at 173 Vine St
  • A Simple Bar at 326 Cahuenga Blvd
  • Havard and Stone at 5221 Hollywood Blvd
  • Bar Sinister at 1652 N Cherokee Ave
  • The Mint at 6010 w Pico Blvd
  • Little Joy Cocktail Lounge at 1477 W Sunset Blvd
  • Melrose Station at 7384 Melrose Ave
  • Conga Room at 800 W Olympic Blvd
  • The Daily Pint at 2310 Pico Blvd
  • Green Door Lounge iat 1429 Ivar Ave

Apart from bars, there are other socially significant areas to score amazing and hot L.A. women. L.A. is breezy and home to some of the most enjoyable beaches and entertainment areas in the country. So, visit either Malibu beach or the Santa Monica beach and enjoy the sun and spot some spectacular bikini bods.

Your Next Casual Sexual Encounter is a Click Away

If you are in the midst of some company, look around, there are probably a couple of ladies on their phones. During the pandemic, our phones represented the safest and best way to meet new people. Expect the trend to continue as people move towards seeking sex online. There are a couple of dating sites specifically catering for hookups in the L.A. area.

One of the benefits of casual online dating is members specifically join to meet casual dates, meaning a greater chance at getting laid. Take the step now and join our online casual sex community, and set up hookups of a lifetime.